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Kristinia DeBarge

Krissy D. Cosmetics

Heather has always been such a great pleasure to work with! Not only does she deliver the products to me in a timely manner, she goes above and beyond to make sure I have the best products for my customers with only the safest ingredients! I am proud to say Heather Marianna provides me and my customers with superb service and products. Heather is also very innovative and creative when it comes to giving you ideas for releasing new products. I always love picking her brain!

Jen Sugermeyer

ATA Cosmetics

Working with Heather Marianna with Beauty Brand Coaching has been a game-changer for leveling up my business! It's clear that Heather cares about the success of her clients and pushes you to exceed your goals! It's not a program where you show up and just ask questions. Heather helps elevate your business by making connections, mindset tips and giving guidance where relevant and applicable. I highly recommend Heather and Beauty Brand Coaching for anyone ready to elevate their beauty brand and get connected (both mentally and for your brand!).

Ronia Kassa


I am forever grateful for the way Heather turned my vision into reality.  She has guided me along this journey to launch “Reyaluxe”, an amazing bath & body company that strives on ‘clean beauty’.   When we first launched “Reyaluxe”, our products were mostly fun and unique soaps for kids but since then, our company has grown tremendously.  We now sell bath, body and home products online and in several retail stores.  Heather’s expertise on analyzing target audiences, branding, packaging, and market strategies helped prepare my company when it came to the manufacturing and selling process.  She is truly an expert at guiding entrepreneurs.

Melody Harp

Xotic Envi

I was working on my brand for three years and kept getting high priced quotes from manufacturing companies to launch, until I came across Heather. I immediately contacted her and I'm so beyond blessed that I did. She not only helped me launch my brand, but she has been there every step of the way coaching me after our launch. She saved me so much time and money to launch my Sea & Wine themed skin and spa products. Heather does it all for low costs, brings experience, intelligence, high quality services, & amazing coaching skills, all at one place, building beauty brands. I could go on and on. Thank you, Heather!

Ayzli & Tanya Wilson


I have loved working with Heather on my teen beauty brand Sudzli. She is a great listener and will turn my crazy ideas into dream products. She's a professional and will work to get you the best products as quickly as possible. She is flexible and I am learning a lot from her. I can't wait to see where my company goes while working side by side with Heather!  I love that she is my mentor and beauty coach!

Sarah Fraggis 

FilterLESS Era

Working with Heather has not only been a good business decision for me, but also a lot of fun. She is generous, innovative and always ready to take action to help my business grow. SHE IS A MACHINE!

Megan Cyrulewski


What I love most about Heather’s coaching is that making money is the furthest from her mind. She genuinely wants her clients to succeed and will do everything she can to help. She’s honest about bad ideas (of which I've had a few!) but she explains what won’t work and what I can do instead. Heather not only wants her clients to succeed professionally, but also personally. She's given me back my confidence, and pushed me to do things that even 6 months ago, I wouldn’t have done. Investing in Heather’s coaching is probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made! I have passion in my life again for my new business, confidence in myself and I have Heather to thank for all of it.

Allana Taylor

Sabali Pure

I have to admit, the day I pushed the button to submit payment for Beauty Brand Coaching's three-month plan was one of the scariest days of my life! I have difficulty believing in people because many do not deliver. I’ve had experience working with people who loved to give task lists and affiliate codes for software companies, with the promise these things would help jump-start my business. Others gave great pep talks, but I have NEVER known a coach to roll up their leaves and help me get my work done! I'm talking about providing resources, making phone calls, sharing significant contacts, and this list continues. Heather has become vested in my success! I feel truly grateful to have her on my side, and I have come to count her as a friend. If you are considering clicking that purchase button, DO IT! You won't be disappointed.

Farrah LaRaé Wynn 

LaRaé Skin

Heather Marianna is the epitome of beauty inside and out! Not only does she exude beauty, she has a genuine heart for clients and customers. I am constantly amazed by her work ethic, her ability to make things happen, and her constant pursuit of helping everyone around her succeed. If you need a beauty brand coach who commits to your goals and brings your desires to life, Heather is the perfect fit for you!

Danielle Panaro

Smooth Skin Firming

Heather Marianna has been the key to my brand's success. Her knowledge in business and skincare, and willingness to always help your brand is unconditional!