A 6-Week Program To Transform Your Business & Teach You How To Make More Money In 2023

Are you ready? This is the year you excel in your current business and experience YOUR BEST YEAR yet!

Do you ever feel like there's just not enough time in the day? Learn how to maximize your calendar and organize your workflow to increase efficiency, and learn how to implement systems that we've used on a daily basis for years to create more time for ourselves and more cash flow for our businesses.

Have you been looking for ways to increase sales and profits in your business? Do you want to make more money? Learn the top 5 ways to increase your profits and so much more. You're only 6 weeks away from your best year ever!

This course is designed to set you up for clarity, execution, and success in 2023. Heather and Amanda have over 40 years of combined business experience to guide you and support you in creating a sustainable and scalable version of your business.

I partnered with Amanda Root, entrepreneur and business guru, to develop this six week program that will change your life. We will give you the tools to solve any problems or pain points you have, best practices for creating new revenue streams, and methods to organize systems, find new clients/ customers, and streamline with ease. Amanda has been coaching me for almost 2 years and I wouldn't be where I am without her. Working with her has been pure magic. I cannot wait for you to experience this!

About Your Instructors

Beauty Brand Coach Heather Marianna is the Founder and CEO of skincare brand Beauty Kitchen and Co-Founder of Marianna Naturals. With over 10 years in the beauty business, Heather has helped countless people launch their own brands through private labelling and coaching, even including a few celebrities and TV personalities! She loves helping brands succeed and frequently releases educational content for brand owners.

Amanda Root is a mother of three, wife, and entrepreneur, who is the CFO of Tri-City Heating & Cooling, a multi-million dollar contracting business, and co-founder of Sea No Evil. She is a healer, hereditary witch, and brilliant intuitive that specializes in Tarot, numerology, spellwork, breathwork, energetic healing, rituals, mindset and manifestation mentorship.

We'll Meet via Zoom Tuesdays
at 4PM PST / 7PM EST

Here's a breakdown of what we'll cover and what's included in this 6-Week Program!
  • You'll be part of an exclusive 'Your Best Year' Facebook Group where you'll get ongoing support from Amanda, Heather, and fellow attendees, as well as access to replays, weekly encouragement and more!
  • You'll get Downloadable Workbook content that we've created to supplement the program.
  • Finally, you'll get exclusive offerings for post implementation with Amanda and Heather to keep you going strong!

Check out our Weekly Lesson Breakdown!

Week 1 - February 28th
Identifying and Understanding Your Target Market

Our first week together will be spent talking about the current business landscape in 2023. We'll be identifying your target market and really getting into the specifics of who they are, where we can find them, and how to target those ideal customers with proven strategies that have worked for our businesses and have a track record of success for our clients. We'll also discuss different ways to survey your customer to find out more about them and create customer profiles!

Week 2 - March 7th
Developing a Business Growth Strategy

The second week will be all about growth. Growth always starts with Goals! Heather and Amanda will show you how to set real, measurable sales goals and how to create action plans to make them a reality. We'll be looking at different growth strategies as well as current trends, and discuss methods of customer retention while still pursuing growth opportunities.

Week 3 - March 14th
Leveraging Digital Marketing and Social Media

The third week will include a health check on your social media and digital marketing strategies. We'll dive deep into the importance of a strong online presence. Whether you're just getting started with social media or you're a blue check baby we'll have tips to get you going. We'll be discussing everything from organic digital content vs. paid media, website tools and goals, and how to become THE authority in your community. This week everyone will also get an additional workbook to jump start your online presence!

Week 4 - March 21st
Optimizing Operations and Finances

This week we'll be really digging into the numbers. As women in business, this information is often gate kept from us. It's SO IMPORTANT to know your numbers and to understand them. Heather and Amanda will show you three basic, yet powerful key indicators to track your operational costs, your financials in general, and to keep your spending in check. We'll also show you how to cut costs, negotiate with suppliers, shop contracts, advertise for free (with big returns), use VA's, and so much more.

Week 5 - March 28th
Conclusion, Next Steps, + Resource Connections for Continued Growth

Week 5 will go deep into the top 5 key ways to increase profitability in your company right now. Buckle up, because we're going to totally shift the way you look at your business. There's always money left on the table and we want you to pick it all up in 2023.

Week 6 - April 4th
Q&A + Angel Card Pulls For Fun!

Week 6 will offer the opportunity for a real-time Q&A sesh with Heather and Amanda and we'll be taking time to prepare you for the next steps where you'll bring your plan into action. This is your chance to get 1:1 coaching in the container from us with over 40 years of combined business experience. Let's do this!

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Client Testimonials

"I have to admit, the day I pushed the button to submit payment for Beauty Brand Coaching's three-month plan was one of the scariest days of my life! I have difficulty believing in people because many do not deliver. I’ve had experience working with people who loved to give task lists and affiliate codes for software companies, with the promise these things would help jump-start my business. Others gave great pep talks, but I have NEVER known a coach to roll up their leaves and help me get my work done! I'm talking about providing resources, making phone calls, sharing significant contacts, and this list continues. Heather has become vested in my success! I feel truly grateful to have her on my side, and I have come to count her as a friend. If you are considering clicking that purchase button, DO IT! You won't be disappointed."

-Allana T.

"Amanda is, without a doubt, an absolute integral key to my success and life. Imagine if you had someone on your side behind the scenes to help you detect the energy of what's coming and to actually MOVE the energy for you to help shift what happens with her spellwork..it's incredible. She's been able to quickly move things around for me with men (this works so fast, it's wild... things have been flowing more here than they have in two years), with my own personal self and being more balanced, to my health, to attracting my ability to leave my current home and move. Literally anything she puts her energy towards she shifts-- it works FAST, and it's no coincidence that immediately after sessions, amazing things happen... She's supportive, direct, literally always been right, and basically the best kept secret. We are also about to start doing spell work on money and wealth and I could not be more excited. If she has an opening, run, do not walk, to work with Amanda.”

-Emily T.