Build Your Eye Gel Empire: 2,000 Collagen Eye Gels + 1 Private Coaching Session

Collagen Eye Gels have been one of Hollywood’s biggest DIY self-care trends for several years now and have been seen being worn by Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, Diddy, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga and many more on social media! With under-eye boosting and firming ingredients it's no wonder why they're such a hit, and as a seller, the markup is well worth the investment.

These are my #1 selling item and are 100% thicker than other brands. Our Eye Gels are sold in trays, not with peel-off backs, for a longer shelf life. With 2000 Eye Gels you can choose to offer options like 30-Day Packs for $225, 7-Day Packs for $53, or sell them individually for $8.95 each. You can even wholesale these for 200% return on investment!

The Breakdown
- 2,000 Collagen Eye Gels sold at $8.95 each will gross you $17,900
- 2,000 Collagen Eye Gels sold in 7-Day Packs will gross roughly $15,142
- 2,000 Collagen Eye Gels sold in 30-Day Packs will gross roughly $15,000

Collagen Eye Gels:
- Help deliver continuous, soothing hydration
- Aid in rebuilding collagen
- Help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness
- Bring a firmer, more radiant complexion

What You'll Get:
• 2,000 Collagen Eye Gels in a variety of your choosing
• Label Ready Packaging
• Ships in 4 weeks

Ingredients Vary Upon Eye Gel Selection. Packaging accommodates labels up to 3" x 3.75"

$4,000.00 USD

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