My Next 90 Days: Transform your Health, Wellness and Overall Spiritual Being in 12 weeks

My Next 90 Days is a tool to transform your Health, Wellness and Overall Spiritual Being over the course of 12 Weeks through daily planning, habit tracking, and wellness rituals. In this planner you'll set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals. This planner will help you develop a routine that aligns with your goals, taking care to incorporate habits that propel you towards your envisioned self.

While transforming one's life in 90 days seems like an ambitious goal, with a strategic approach, steadfast discipline, and an unwavering commitment to change it IS POSSIBLE! With determination, strategic planning, and consistent effort, the 90-day transformation can indeed be a reality, marking the beginning of a new chapter of an empowered life. This planner will become your go-to daily tool!

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Your Transformation Journey Will Cover: 

- Healthy Eating
- Strength & Physical Activity
- Self-Care & Spiritual Well-Being
- Self-Growth

You'll also find some amazing recipes to try, DIY skincare treatments, and bonus reading material on mindset, boundaries, and caring for your skin & body!