Are you a fierce, goal-driven female entrepreneur ready to conquer the world? The Complete Boss Babe Planner is your secret weapon for achieving your dreams, one day at a time. This thoughtfully crafted planner is designed to empower and inspire you on your journey to success. Created by beauty brand boss Heather Marianna, this planner was made from her well-experienced process in staying organized, planning ahead, and taking care of yourself first. With 519 pages, this planner will help you take control of your success and reach new heights!

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• The Manifestation Tab aims at your personal goals by looking at what you want to manifest this year and how you can put that into action through gratitude, visualization, and setting realistic action points.
• The Financial Planning Tab helps to create an overview for your year ahead, helping you make your money work for you and finding patterns that you can change to better serve your future goals.
• Monthly Planning Sections aid in making this your best year yet by setting main monthly goals, focusing on changing your habits, budget tracking, and self-assessments for success.
• Weekly Planning Sections help break down your monthly goals into an achievable steps for each week, while helping you reflect on the past week and make improvements for the week ahead.
• Daily Planning prioritizes your main tasks for the day while creating check-ins to stay present in your gratitude and emotions.